Pony Pals Program Launch!

Today is the beginning of our Pony Pals & Petite Pony Pals Programs!

Pony Pals is for those +8 years old. Within this 2 hour program, clients will learn how to groom horses, work with others, maneuver their horse through a course that they set up, learn about how horses communicate and much more!

Petite Pony Pals is for those between the ages of 4-8 years old. This is a one hour program for all those pony-crazy kids out there! It's a spin-off of the Pony Pals program where they will also learn to groom their horse and how to safely walk their horse.

We are so excited to be offering these programs! Finally, this will allow the kids who are too young to ride, a chance to get a leg up in horse handling! It will boost their confidence for when it is time to saddle up & keep their passion for horses ignited!

Visit restorativereins.com to book your spot & check out scheduling options!