Well Dressed Equestrian Inc. has amalgamated the business with Restorative Reins to form Restorative Reins Wellness Centre. Restorative Reins Wellness Centre will continue to provide horseback riding lessons and boarding. To find out more about our new exciting programs, to book your lesson and to contact us, please go to

Services Offered:

Private Lessons

One hour sessions.
One-on-one lesson with the coach.

One Individual Lesson: $55 each + tax = $62.15
Monthly Lessons (4 lessons): $200 + tax = $226.00


Group Lessons

One hour sessions.
Maximum 4 students per group.

One Individual Lesson: $45 each + tax = $50.85
Monthly Lessons (4 lessons): $160 + tax = $180.80

Boarding & leasing

Contact us to follow up on any inquiries regarding boarding &/or leasing a horse.

Indoor: starting at $530/month

Outdoor: starting at $380/month

Prices subject to applicable taxes.

Pony Pals is for those +8 years old. Within this 2 hour program, clients will learn how to groom horses, work with others, maneuver their horse through a course that they set up, learn about how horses communicate and much more!

PONY PALS          

Petite Pony Pals is for those between the ages of 4-8 years old. This is a one hour program for all those pony-crazy kids out there! It's a spin-off of the Pony Pals program where they will also learn to groom their horse and how to safely walk their horse.

Petite Pony Pals